How to Keep Your Outdoor Fountains Looking New


Outdoor fountains can help you create an outdoor relaxation space in your yard or garden. Many people enjoy relaxing outside in their backyards and garden. By creating a soothing outdoor water fountain, you can make your outdoor area more inviting and pleasant. This article will tell you some of the best things to keep in mind when buying an outdoor fountain.

Outdoor fountains come in many different materials. The most popular materials for outdoor fountains tend to be cast stone, cast aluminum, fiberglass and sometimes metal. Cast stone can sometimes refer to granite, sometimes to a composite material that when hardened resembles natural marble. Most outdoor fountains have holes bored through them at regular intervals.

Fiberglass and ceramics are the most lightweight but also the least durable and cost more to manufacture. Aluminum outdoor water fountains usually crack with extended use. Cast stone fountains have a smooth surface and are more durable. They are usually not polished like fiberglass and ceramic fountains. Read more on

One of the best tricks to reduce the weight of your outdoor fountains is to use the right water flow rate and nozzle. A high flow rate means that the fountain is drawing more water at one time than it is storing. Low flow rate outdoor fountains cause the water to drip off into the flowing path. A low flow rate promotes better circulation of air and thereby allows more air to circulate under the trickling water.

Another thing to consider is indoor and outdoor fountains in the same house. When considering the overall maintenance of your indoor fountain, do not forget to take into consideration the water used inside the house. If you have a water-conserving fountain design, you will need to more or less mimic the conditions that you would find outdoors. For example, a large indoor fountain used during the summer months will require that you turn the water off before retiring for the night. For a small indoor fountain designed for daily use, you can leave the water on as long as you like.

Outdoor fountains bring warmth and tranquility to any garden. You have just as many choices as do those who prefer indoor fountains. Copper outdoor water fountains will reflect heat from the sun making you feel refreshed after a long day outside. They are very popular with pool owners because they are very low maintenance. Copper outdoor fountains should be cleaned with mild soap and water twice a year. Regular cleaning will keep your outdoor fountain looking shiny and new.  Learn more about garden water fountain.

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